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After years of not taking more than a multi-vitamin, I'm now a believer in multi-vitamins, antioxidants, and a few additional supplements. 
My grown son who spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights introduced me to a weightlifter's favorite vitamin pack that has replaced my old multivitamin for over a year now.  It contains all the needed vitamins and minerals including many of the key minerals in quantities needed missing from other multis.  And also contains a complete set (19) of  the 21 key amino acids needed by the human body.  Also contains some of the key anti-oxidants for removing the free radicals that form in the body from hard exercise or just living that are known to cause cancer:
- lycopene (key ingredient in tomatoes and many green vegetables) whose benefits are well known and well documented
- lutein for healthy eyes
- grapeseed extract, key antixoxidants known to also aid cardiovascular health made from red grapes
- citrus bioflavonoids, key antioxidants found in your grapefruits, oranges, etc
- and more we can talk about later...

Also, add to it an Omega 3 Fish Oil tablet every morning after breakfast - one of the good fats that helps get rid of bad cholesterol in the body (there's a reason the eskimo's eat all that fat and are ok).  Flaxseed derivations are considered good too.

And in the evening as a runner I add couple tablets of Chondroitin/MSM for joint health, a baby aspirin since I'm an old guy over 45, and a great vitamin that helps all the energy systems in the body:  Coenzyme Q10.  This one is also a anti-oxidant and there have been lots of recent studies on it as it powers the mitochondria (energy producers) in every cell, protects the heart, and is being studied for preventing diseases like Parkinsons.  There is a lot written on it and some with too much hype but here is a good balanced link from WebMD for those interested.

We will talk about other alternative supplements later...One last comment: these are SUPPLEMENTS - they are the cayenne spice in the recipe, not the recipe itself.  So round it out with exercise and good food.  Exercise most days of the week, whether it's walking, casual running, running marathons, yoga,doing fitness guru Tony Horton's P90X or hitting the weights in the gym.  And don't use supplements as an excuse to not eat good quality food.  So eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh vegetables and you will get many of these nutrients.  But with vegetables today containing just a fraction of the nutrients they contained even 25 years ago, supplements are great to add to your Every Day Fit mix....


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