Unlike fat and carbs both of which the body stores, protein is not stored for energy and your body needs it throughout the day. To stay fit every day you need protein and you need it regularly.
I'm amazed at what I have learned about protein from my athlete friends, a hardcore body builder friend who competes, and all that has been written on protein and diet over the last 20 years.  Protein in the right levels, eaten reguarly, and in the right forms is key to staying Every Day Fit and keeping energy levels super high. I remember my mom telling me as a kid "eggs are brain food" and I have always been amazed at how much energy I get from eating meat - something I still tend to eat a bit too much of.  Protein is a great fuel. 

And be careful with the RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) numbers which are inadequate for many of us.  If you are a hardcore workout person or just live life to the fullest, your protein needs can be double what those numbers are.  But you have got to have balance and not forget to have the right mix of carbs and fats too.  Too much protein can be bad.  The ultra-high protein diets actaully fool the body into thinking it is starving and "over do" the fat burning.  They work but they put the body under lots of stress.  So I like to think "balanced" and eat lots of protein and make it a habit, not an extreme "diet".  Too much of even a good thing like protein is bad.  Depending on what your activity levels is will determine what mix of protein you should have but a 30-40% protein, 30-40% carb, 20-30% fat is ideal to stay fit and be fueled up if you keep pretty active and want to keep the fat on your body down (40/40/20 is what I shoot for).  Some body builders get complex and talk about a gram of protein per day for every pound of weight but that gets too complex to measure and is more than most of us need so i just shoot for a healthy mix in the dinner I cook at night and eat some protein earlier in the day.


05/27/2011 3:45am

Hello there,

Nice article! I do workout 3-4 days per week. However,I do not take any protein supplement. Can you suggest me one? My aim is to gain muscle mass. Any help will be appreciated.

05/29/2011 5:45am

Hi Collegian! the one I prefer as it is very pure and high quality AND it tastes greatis from Universal Nutrition. All Star health has great prices by the way. My son turned me on to this one:

04/03/2017 11:59pm

Protein has been a very good friend of mine since I started the day when I chose to go under a strict diet. Since I need to avoid fats and carbs ( which are actually part of my food intake), I've relied too much to what the Protein would do to my body. With proper exercise of course, I am seeing a good result in my diet! Protein has played an important role for this!


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