I remember the great fatty pork roasts we ate as a kid or bone-in pork loin chops on the grill my dad cooked with that tasty crispy fat edge.  And more recently that amazing pork belly I had at Ad Hoc in Napa a couple years back.  But today almost always I eat healthy pork, every single week. 
Pork today is raised differently with far less fat than 25 years ago.  One of the best ways to do it is via healthy pork tenderloin which is suprisingly competitive with bonesless skinless chicken breasts from a fat and cholesterol stanpoint. Really.

Don't believe it? Let's say you are trying to get about 25g of protein:  a 3 oz serving of pork contains 24 grams of protein as does a 4 oz serving of chicken without skin.  That amount of pork contains 4 grams of fat (vs. 2.5 grams in the chicken) and the pork contains 67mg of cholesterol (vs 85mg in the chicken).  Pretty close given chicken breasts are second only to egg whites in being an excelent meat-related low-fat protein source. And if you eat chicken breast with the skin, the pork beats it easily.

The key though to keeping the flavor up is to NOT over cook it and to flavor it well as it does not contain much fat which provides flavor and moisture.  Contrary to the recommended temperatures of 160, I have for years coooked it to just 145-150 and this small difference in temperature makes all the difference if juiciness.  I am excited to see others coming around to this finally as this meat can be so healthy and so flavorful if cooked properly.  I was so excited when the USA Today reported on 160 being ok and pink being ok!  And don't forget to season it well with a rub, a sauce and cook it according to some everyday fit gourmet techniques to keep it healthy and delicious.  Temperature and seasoning are key to making it happen.

And it's okay to sometimes have the higher fat forms.  Let's be real - fat can taste good.  I remember another time at Kellar's Ad Hoc restaurant where they served an appetizer with thin slices of pork on it.  I asked them where they got it as it was so flavorful. The waiter replied it was one of the "heirloom" varieties.  Translation: heirloom is one of the old lines of pork they used to raise.  The pork with more fat the way it was raised a few generations ago.  It tasted great - just don't eat it every day.  Bottomline:  Pork is good and good for you!


Jim B
05/28/2011 5:17am

comments on the new temperature being ok finding:

"It is a momentous day in meat cookery," wrote Alex Renton on the "Word of Mouth" blog on The Guardian website in the United Kingdom.

In New York City, the Michelin-recognized chef David Chang compared the temperature change to the Renaissance.

"History is littered with examples of what people thought was dogma, and then dogma changed," Chang said. "Everyone thought the sun revolved around the earth, too."

11/23/2015 12:14am

If you're taking your pork out of the oven at 185 degrees, you're overcooking it. Pork is much safer now than it used to be, so you don't need to cook it to that temperature. A juicy, safe pork tenderloin only needs to reach a temperature of 145 degrees. Even for well-done pork, it only needs to reach 170 degrees. 160 for medium pork is also common.

05/07/2016 3:36pm

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04/11/2017 6:09am

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Any source of protein is healthy. What makes pork unhealthy is the irresponsible intake of it, right? Since pork tastes really yummy, consumer tend to eat more than the required amount of pork consumption and resulted to different diseases. We have to eat it in moderation. All thing that are too much are bad at all aspects. That's why we have to know our limits!

07/04/2017 8:57pm

Fat always tastes good! But it's always so bad dor us too! So you need to choose - eat it or not)

09/01/2017 2:28am

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