My last fitness blog was on cardio fat burning.  Today's blog will be much less scientific and shorter. As busy as our lives can be, there are just some things we should not say no to in Food and Fitness and that's the subject of today's blog. Life is too short. Here's my current list...Missed any of yours? (then comment below!)
Sharp Knives...Good Olive Oil....Good Coffee (in moderation)...Real Lemon Juice... Energized, Positive Friends and Workout Buddies (eliminate the downers) ...Garden Tomatoes in the summer (no store-gassed ones during the growing season!)...Things That Get in the Way of Your Workout (actually that's something you do want to say "no" to)...Fresh Jalepenos (not pickled)...Fresh Ginger and Garlic...Homade Pizza Dough...Parmesan Reggiano (the "real stuff" from the cows from that special part of Italy)...Real high-quality Balsamic Vinegar...Fresh Rosemary, Parsley, Tarragon, Basil, Cilantro (some others herbs dried are ok!)…..Great Sheets and Pillows….Good Heavy-Bottomed Pans…a Real Garlic Press (nothing wimpy that can't handle big cloves)…Healthy Diet and Smaller Portions earlier in the day (so you can have a great dinner every night)...

Good Exercise Equipment...Whey Protein Powder (within 1 hour post workout)...Big BTU's to cook properly (good gas range)…Wine in the Right Glass (so the taste comes through - hint: plastic wine glasses are bad)…Fewer/Real Friends (vs. acquaintances)… A Yoga Mat with enough cushion...Good Wine (most times you drink it - and a Great one like a Paraduxx or Duckhorn or Beringer Bancroft Ranch Howell Mountain at least once a week)…the right Super-High Quality Running Shoes (your knees are worth it) . . .Great Beer when you have it (think of a  Pliny the Elder or a special season brew from Lagunitas)…Vitamin and Anti-Oxidant Supplements (if you workout hard) ...Quality Specialty Meats when you use them (real hickory smoked bacon like Bentons or real Speck or Chorizo)…Fresh Ground Pepper…Different Unique Salts for different flavors…Quality Fresh Spices…New Foods to try (and flavors and approaches to listen to - if you are in China, try the Chicken Feet)...Great Orange Juice….Quality Bottled Salad Dressing when you have no time to make it (those with the "good" fat olive oil and forget no-fat dressings)….Good Workout Clothes...and of course: Great Food Every Night!   What's on your "don't say no to" list?

PS: And a few things that you don't need to have every day but throw them into the mix some of the's fun, keeps life interesting, and it will get your brain going on some new cooking ideas:

A "blow-you-away-meal" that makes you realize that a handful of chef's truly are like no others - the "ne plus ultra"  (think Kellar at French Laundry or the now-closed Martini House of Todd Humphries)…homemade pasta when you have time on the weekends  (never extruded, rolled only)...This PS could be a whole separate blog so we will stop for now....



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