One of the keys to eating a gourmet great meal every night is smart eating the rest of the day. This article focuses on tips and techniques for smart eating. Many of these tips are from techniques used by many of the super-lean body builders with very low body fat. I've found they are a key part of the mix if you want to eat great food at night while still staying fit.
These are tips I've adopted into my my lifestyle, to the degree I can with a busy workweek but they have definitely helped me cut down on body fat.  These tips - combined with the Every Day Fit Gourmet meals and some regular exercise - provide you with a winning combination of a happy soul/tastebuds and a super-fit body!
1) Meal Frequency: This is probably the single most important tip. Eat more frequent smaller meals. Eating "turns on" your metabolism and causes fat to be burned. You can actually eat more meals with the same calories and burn more calories in a day than if you ate the same number of calories spread out over fewer meals. 4-5 small meals is ideal and allows you to have a larger dinner later. Have a few nuts or a salad in the afternoon or munch on some vegetables. The hardcore body builders often have a small dinner too but this is about eating great food every night and I won't compromise there. But to eat that great dinner, eat less and more frequently the rest of the day.

2) Focus on protein: Protein and more complex nutrients takes work for the body to digest and that helps burn calories. It also provides more even energy levels versus simple sugars that eaten alone can cause the energy rush/crash. Look for lean proteins like chicken breast, fish, eggwhites, lean round steak or pork or beef tenderloin or some of the vegetable sources.  A great way to get additional protein is to have 1 or 2 protein drinks per day via the high quality, good tasting Whey Protein powders that can provide 25 grams of protein and only 120 calories in a simple serving. Great way to have additional protein without adding fat or eating too much meat. And something you should always take within an hour of your workout as it has been shown to boost recovery by over 50%. Protein is a great fuel for burning fat. Just don't overdo it like those unhealthy pure protein diets. And I'm not here to pitch products but that brand to the left is what I use (Gold Standard Whey Protein) based on a recommendation from my son and is one of the better ones out there that is pure, lower levels of fat and is actually one that tastes good.

3) Fat: keep the fat ratio in your diet at 20-30% total calories. Less is not necessarily better as there are good fats, your body needs some fat, and there has even been research that shows eating a bit more fat can curb food cravings that cause you to binge. As part of this, limit dairy products. But as a gourmet cook who cares about the right flavors and not compromising, I do use only real butter - when I use butter.  But very little and rarely and only when needed for true great food.  Olive oil is my oil of choice unless I'm cooking a Chinese or Indian meal.

4) Load up on Vegetables! Do I need to say more? We all know why. Super high in nutrients, very low in calories, loaded with anti-oxidants and phytochemicals, good fiber and great source of carbs. Maybe the best thing we can eat along with protein for fuel. A lean protein with lots of vegetables makes for a great healthy snack or small meal. "Green is good" and they say the darker and more colorful the better. It's one reason why you see people touting the chlorophyll and wheat grass supplements. Another reason to eat more vegetables is it has been shown that the vegetables today contain fewer nutrients than even 20 years ago due to modern growing practices, worn out soil, and fertizers being used. Eat more to get the nutrients your body needs.

5) Protein and Carbs OR Protein with Vegetables:  Look to eat these together during your meals for more even energy.  Carbs can cause insulin spikes that give you fast energy but cause a crash later.  Protein evens out absorption and keeps energy level.  And vegetables alone often don't provide enough energy and leave us hungry wanting more.  Smaller balanced meals whenever possible.
6) Fruit is good but....Fruit is so good for you but be careful not too eat too much due to calories.  Eat fruit every day but watch portions to keep calories down. When you look at the fruits and vegetables portion of the food pyramid (or the new "food plate" or the USDA's MyPlate since it has been updated), focus on the vegetables and make that the larger portion of the half of the plate for fruits and vegeatbles that is recommended on the new MyPlate. Then have some fruit too.
7) Drink Water! Water is actually consdiered an "essential nutrient" by diet experts though we take it for granted. Drinking water is key to having all systems working so your kidneys can flush out toxins, and metabolic waste products as we burn fat. Reach for water rather than a soda and you will also feel fuller and avoid junk calories. 

8) Get your Z's. Sleep! Sleep like diet and exercise is part of the fit equation and one I've personally had the hardest time doing. Studies have shown that lack of sleep puts your body into a "fight or flight" response where the hormone cortisol is produced - a hormone that tells the body to hold on to fat. More sleep will keep cortisol levels reasonable - so remember: more sleep means less cortisol and less cortisol means less body fat.  You will also feel better with enought sleep.  

A few "Every Day Fit Gourmet" tips I've learned over the years to allow me to eat great food at night while keeping the fat off!


06/23/2011 9:55am

Nice article, Ted. If you're cooking some Indian veggies, try Olive oil. It's pretty good...

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