Over the Memorial Day weekend I went on what was billed as a "passport tour" to four of my favorite Napa wineries where special food was served.  As I drove to the first one, I passed some of my favorite restaurants huddled together: Ad Hoc, Bouchon, Bottega, French Laundry, Bistro Don Giovanni... and it was hard not to get excited about the food.  But I thought "no food, it's wine tasting day" (stay focused, Ted).  But the wine quickly got me back to thinking of food and yes - exercise....and a statement from my favorite workout guru, P90X creator, Tony Horton.
St. Clements Winery
Although trying some new wines was awesome, it was the more the sideshow of different food bites (and some new wines) that got me thinking of food and exercise connections/similarities to wine. It reminded me that breaking outside of your normal mode and trying and experimenting is what makes food, exercise, and life in general so fun and so satisfying. Whether it was a braised pork bite with a fig chutney from St. Clement's winery as I sipped their Oroppas on the patio with my wife...or an old "American classic combo" like a pulled pork slider with a slaw as I tried some Pinot's at Etude....or a great lemon cake with hunks of crunchy sugar or the beef with harissa at Beringer Estates Hudson House...or finding those great combos like the salt on dark chocolate I had at the Manor House at Stags Leap, I was reminded of a connection between food and exercise.

Relaxing at Beringer...
So what was my main "takeaway"? The different bites I tried got me thinking how (to quote fitness guru Tony Horton) "we need to mix it up... change is good" - whether it's exercise, food or wine. Try new things. In exercise, it's what Horton calls "muscle confusion". It's variety that excites the soul and keeps our taste buds and bodies energized and feeling great and alive.

Dinner before Ben plays...
I had a similar "Ah Ha" moment when last fall I went to a dinner concert at Franciscan winery prepared by Incanto's Chris Cosentino where my favorite musician Ben Harper did a concert for 200 people (the pic to the left is from our table with a view to the seat where Ben played - did not take any pictures during concert as requested!). Harper played different unreleased songs from an upcoming album, Cosentino had "smoke" as a theme in all the food, and we got to sample wines from the new-to-me Franciscan Rose to an old favorite, their Franciscan Magnificat... these guys were all "mixing it up"!  And the Change Was Good!

Cyndi at Stags Leap Manor House
I'm amazed people so often stay stagnant in food and exercise ruts, not realizing how easy it is to get out of that rut and into a new groove. You've got to try new things. For me it starts by reminding myself to cook something different and experiment at least once or twice a week. When I created my first recipe database in Microsoft Access over 25 years ago (the recipe software back then did't do what I wanted so I created my own), I had a check mark for "weekly regulars" and every week when I layed out the meal plan I always left a couple blank days to try and experient with new things. I still do.

So as I listen to Ben Harper, or "listen" to the food from Cosentino, or Tony Horton ...or maybe it was the wine talking.... I'm reminded again you've got to continually mix it up. And actually this relates to all aspects in life if you think about it....So tonight it will be an old "weekly regular" Chinese recipe but I am feeling right now that there will be a new twist or two....but before dinner it will be a new workout too ...I'm thinking it will be one of the upcoming Tony Horton 1-1 workouts that will probably make it into the P90X MC2 coming this fall...

Vineyard by the Manor House
Time to head home....


Joan Schlukebir
06/06/2011 1:10pm

Love the website, Ted. The pictures of Napa are beautiful. We have never been there with all the leaves on the vines. Never get in a groove with recipes. I keep trying new ones, too!!

06/27/2012 5:42am

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