The last week I left on vacation and I decided not to tweet and unplug totally.  While there I didn't do as well at following my normal habits for eating and exercising to stay fit but it was nonetheless a great vacation. So I wanted to share some thoughts on what was fit and healthy eating and exercise and what wasn't.  It could have been a super-healthy vacation but I wasn't as disciplined as I normally am.  But for reasons I will explain shortly, even this can be a good thing.  So let's look at the Good and the Bad from the Every Day Fit Gourmet perspective...
The Good:  
Mixing it Up with Food:  In other posts in my blog, I've mentioned the importance of "mixing it up" in foods you eat for excitement, in exercise,  and in life in general.  It's an expression from my favorite fitness guru Tony Horton but I also believe it relates to food and not just exercise.  In this vacation we definitely mixed it up with food.  I tried a lean (for red meat anyway) buffalo shortrib at the Jackson Lake Lodge Mural Room, a venison with cinnamon, a local Grand Tetons huckleberry bread pudding (small portion so you get the flavor without a million calories), great lean proteins in a some great chicken and vegetable- laden baked beans from a chuckwagon dinner, and a new IPA beer from the Snake River Brewery I had never had. 
Mixing it up with Exercise:  Did all kinds of activites...from a long 10 mile run at 6800 feet of elevation a 13 mile hike up into snow in Cascade Canyon just below Grand Teton itself horseback riding (great for the core but not so good for the butt!) a couple days of rafting with Barker-Ewing on the Snake River where everyone in the raft got tossed into 40-45 degree water..hiking in Yellowstone....and just floating in a boat on Jackson Lake as we fished and absorbed the sun and relaxed.  Recovery and sleep are equally part of staying fit and should not be ignored. I got more than usual but not as much as I should have.

Lunch Counter Rapid
The Bad:
Protein I have mentioned in previous blogs is oh so good for you, but I ate too many bacon and egg breakfasts!  I should have followed Cyndi's lead and had eggs and toast and skipped the bacon (now that's healthy - eggs are the best source of complete proteins, bar none).  But the special pancakes with wild rice flour one day during a rafting break and the pancakes with oats and fresh apples before another day of hiking were both great healhty breakfast meals and a better alternative to bacon.  I also ate too much beef (normally limit that to once per week) with the prime rib staring at me from the menu and me unable to say no.  And I had a couple more chocolate malts than I should have had using the holiday week as an excuse.  And of course portions were too big which is easy to do when you are not serving and cooking the portions yourself...., and I did a shot or two with my son at a cowboy bar (a first for me - I'm no cowboy) which may have been fun but defintiely did not follow my Every Day Fit Gourmet guidelines! Overall, I put on a couple pounds and now need to get it off this week before a half marathon this coming weekend in Napa!

Under Grand Teton near Cascade Forks
Final thoughts? Although I relaxed following my nornal Every Day Fit Gourmet guidelines, I deem this vacation a success from the fitness/food standpoint anyway. First:  my "Good" paragraph above is larger than my "Bad" paragraph.  Second (and most importantly): the best indicator is what you feel and I feel GREAT coming back from that vacation.  I've talked about "mixing it up" and that applies to your vacation and discipline too.  Sometimes its ok to relax even more and being a little less disciplined in food and fitness than you normally are.  We live to enjoy ourselves and if it isn't fun in what we eat or how we exercise we won't keep doing it.  So although I didn't follow all of my Every Day Fit Gourmet tips for exercise and great fit food - and I should have done a little better at following my own tips -  Who cares!  It's vacation and sometimes you have to cut yourself some extra slack.  Enjoy your vacation wherever it takes you...Stay focused on great food and staying fit but don't over do it, especially on vacation.



01/10/2017 11:57pm

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09/05/2017 6:19pm

If you are dedicated to what you do, there is nothing impossible. I am happy to know that you are following your plan of your food intake. I know that it has been a challenge for you to follow all the instructions because you've been to trekking that required you to have some energy, but you found way on how you can stay strong while sticking to your meal plan. I couldn't help but to admire you for that! It's very ideal for all of us to do such thing too!


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