With the warmth of summer still here in Northern California but the darker cooler evenings in full force, it feels like fall even with all the warmth and sunshine. No rains yet but I "feel" fall. That statement would surprise those living back East where the falls are the most beautiful, but even here in my area I get the same fall feeling in the afternoons I had living in Michigan or Connecticut years ago. Fall is more subtle here but still very real, contrary to what many think.

So with the change in feeling, what is one to cook? I've been thinking about pulling out the late fall comfort foods to cook but that will wait for the rain to come in November. And with heirloom tomatoes still on the vine it has me cooking lighter summer foods but taking advantage of the beginning of fall and the great tomatoes, basil in the garden, and lemons from the tree in my back yard.  

With that thought in mind, last night I decided to cook some healthy Veal Picatta along with some heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil bruschetta. Kept dinner more "paleo" and minimized the carbs by eliminating the pasta course I would otherwise do as a side for the Veal Picatta. Nice small baguette in thin slices grilled with char marks...super simple with tomatoes from the garden, mashed garlic, fresh chopped basil, bit of coarse black pepper and salt over the charred bread. Served with simple veal scaloppini pounded thin and cooked in a bit of olive oil, small amount of butter, dash of white wine and fresh lemon juice and capers. Great fantastic meal. Served with a Mount Veeder Cab it was an awesome simple dinner before a movie to relax on the weekend. Late summer/beginning of fall dinner, easy, healthy and delicious. Fits the mood. And with more changes coming with the weather, more new things to try to keep dinner interesting depending on the mood and what you are feeling.

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12/20/2014 2:34am

This is one of my all time favorite dishes in a restaurant, but where we live now there are no good Italian places. Found some great veal and took the plunge. It was as good or better than anything I have eaten out. Served it with a side of pasta and a good dry white wine. Will make this each time I run across some good veal.

06/30/2017 8:41pm

I've been an avid follower of Every Day Fit Gourmet and I must say that their recipes are all enticing. Every season has a special food and summer is perfect for cold foods! I love eating cold desserts while relaxing because that's how you should spend this season. By the way, the photo you posted of these foods are good. But this could have been more striking if you put some elements to it!


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